The 6 Best Vacuum Cleaners to Buy For Your Home in 2019


Vacuum cleaner options are endless these days, and trying to figure out what type you need can be harder than you think. Do you want the suction power of an upright or the compactness of a canister? The convenience of a bagless or the allergy protection of a bagged? Or do you dream of a robot to do the cleaning for you?

We’ve done the legwork to help you make the best choice for your home, whether you’re looking for a convenient cordless stick vacuum for your one-bedroom or a heavy duty workhorse to clean up after your pet or kids.  Our top picks of 2018 all have thousands of satisfied buyers, at budget-conscious prices that won’t break the bank. 

Best On the Market: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E)


The light and versatile Shark Navigator is our best overall pick due to its unmatched combination of suction power, flexibility and price.

The bagless Shark Navigator is an easy to maneuver 2 in 1 model that let you detach the stick handle from the canister with the flick of a button to reach hard to clean places like ceilings, stairs and shelves.

It has serious cleaning suction power, yet is lightweight enough to come in at just under 14 pounds so you can transport it around the house easily.  Owners can seamlessly switch between carpet and hardwood floor, which the Navigator protects from scratches by allowing you to shut off the spinning brush roll.

The Shark Navigator isn’t just our top pick – it is one of the most popular vacuums on the market.  

Owners love that it handles pet hair well and that the HEPA filter and Anti-Allergen seal system actually keep the dust in, which many vacuums only claim to do. They also say it’s very quiet for a pro-strength vacuum.

The most common user complaint was that the vacuum canister toppled over for some when placed in lift-away mode – something to note for older users concerned about having to carry any weight.  Those were few and far between, however, with most users thrilled with the Shark Navigator’s long-term staying power at an affordable price.  Check Amazon Price >>

Best Value: Bissell 9595A Vacuum with One-Pass Technology  

There are lots of flashy new bells and whistles out there designed to turn a buyer’s head, but the most important feature of any vacuum remains its suction power on all surfaces.  The Bissell 9595A knocks it out of the park with incredible power for a budget price and wins our best value selection.

The Bissell 9595A’s power comes from its multi-cyclonic system, which creates a tornado-like effect in the canister that creates great suction and separates dirt and debris so the filters stay clean.

The Bissell 9595A also boasts OnePass Technology, which utilizes a unique brush design to spin deeper into the carpet on the first rotation, effectively lifting more dirt away on the first turn.  

The Bissell is loved by owners, with thousands praising its power and price.  A few complain about the 9595A’s shorter than average cord – 25 feet instead of 30 – and an on off switch that’s lower than it needs to be.  We’ll take those small flaws anytime for a vacuum this powerful at such a low price.   Check Amazon Price >>

Best Handheld Vacuum: Black + Decker CHV1410L Lithium Cordless Dust Buster

The best-selling vacuum on the market is also one of the smallest. Everyone needs a handheld vacuum, and the Black + Decker CHV1410L Lithium Cordless Dust Buster delivers for every major user need.

Handhelds have historically had battery and power issues. The CHV140l solves all of these problems and more.  The suction power beats many other handhelds, and the vacuum can keep its charge for up to 18 months while sitting unused – meaning that you can keep it stored in your car, garage, or guest room and it will always be ready to go.  The smart charger that comes with the powerful lithium-ion battery also knows to shut off once the battery is full so you don’t drain it over time.

Handheld models also have a tough time reaching into narrow spaces.  Not the CHV1410L – many owners love its narrow extended nozzle which allow you to reach tight spaces and nooks. Other users love the clear bagless canister that shows you when the vacuum is full.  At an ultra-cheap price and boasting a sleek design to boot, the CHV1410L is a sure bet for any home.  Check Amazon Price >>

Best Basic Upright for Pet Owners: Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

There are countless reasons to love being a pet owner, but cleaning up after your cat or dog isn’t one of them. Pet hair can be a massive source of frustration for owners without the right vacuum, routinely breaking or evading weaker machines.

The newly released Hoover PowerDrive Pet Bagless Upright is a basic upright tailor made to clean up pet hair, featuring powerful cyclonic suction, a hard to clog brush roller, and specific pet hair attachments for upholstery. 

It features swivel steering to navigate into tight spots, and an Advanced Action Brush roll to limit pet hair jamming.  The Extra Large Dirt Cup means less emptying of pet hair, and the sealed allergen system keeps it all inside.

The PowerDrive Pet was just released, and is our favorite mid-range pet-specific vacuum on the market due to the anti-jamming effectiveness of its brush roll and its combination of durability, steering versatility and price. That said, if you’re willing to pay the mid-level price range, our best overall choice the Shark Navigator is excellent with pet hair and a far more versatile overall vacuum.  Check Amazon Price >>

Best for Allergy Sufferers: Oreck Commercial Bagged Vacuum XL2100RHS8

The Oreck Commercial XL is a great vacuum for allergy sufferers, as its bagged style effectively traps dust that bagless upright vacuums can’t.

The heavy-duty bags help protect allergy sufferers by sealing in pollen and dirt molecules that pass through many bagless canisters. You have to replace the bags, of course, which puts off some users, but it’s better for allergies than clearing out a canister and releasing all of its dust into your home.

The Oreck Commercial model’s high-speed brush moves at 6,500 RPM and is great for cleaning deep carpets and rugs.  It’s also extremely light, coming in at 8 pounds.  The manufacturers traded weight and simplicity for a traditional wand attachment, however, so if you absolutely need a vacuum hose for reaching couches and ceiling you may want to consider our best value Bissell 9595A instead. Check Amazon Price >>

Best Premium: Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Photo by Best Home Labs

Photo by Best Home Labs

Dyson is the most famous company in premium vacuum design for a reason, and while it’s more expensive than the Shark Navigator the Ball 2 Multi Floor Upright Vacuum lives up to Dyson’s outstanding reputation.

The Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright is beautifully and ergonomically designed around a rotating ball and multi-grip handle, making it easy and borderline fun to steer into difficult corners. Dyson claims it has the strongest suction of any vacuum on the market, and its cleaner head self-adjusts to any floor to create tight suction on all surfaces. 

The Ball Multi Floor 2’s improved cleaner head is upgraded to be even more effective at sucking up hair and resisting jamming than the original Multi Floors series.  It also comes with full HEPA filtration, like the Shark Navigator, though several owners who’ve had both report that the Shark Navigator’s sealed system does better at sealing in the dust.

It’s almost impossible to go wrong with a Dyson, and if you’re willing to pay up for the Ball Multi Floor 2’s stunning design,  ergonomics and hair-specific features then this is the upright for you. Dyson backs the Ball 2 with a 5-year warranty so you’re well-protected. We still prefer the Shark Navigator due to its brilliant sealed anti-allergy system and more user-friendly price, but loyal Dyson fans will be happy going the other way.  Check Amazon Price >>

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